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My pen name is “SpendIt”, and I’m a personal finance blogger. As we mentioned in our first blog post, one thing that makes different is that we have dueling bloggers — “SpendIt” and “SaveIt” — to discuss both sides of the issues.  So, what is my story and why am I “SpendIt”?

I am a professional (with a business degree) employed by a large corporation.  I am also a husband and father of two children.  I am “SpendIt” not because I believe in wreckless spending, but rather because I have for years believed that the common personal finance advice to “save everything so that you can retire wealthy” is flawed.  I believe you should make conscious decisions to spend a portion of your money on certain things that will enrich your life, even though they will leave your wallet a bit lighter.

One example: my wife and I made a conscious decision early in our relationship to prioritize international travel over other items that we might want/need.  Travel is a shared interest that we are both passionate about, so we decided to indefinitely put off getting a house (or even a full room) full of new furniture to instead focus on this mutual interest.  My wife and I both had family members who with age had developed health issues that limited their ability to travel, so putting off travel until retirement did not seem like a good idea — we might not be able to travel then.

The result: we prioritized travel and have some great memories and experiences from some many trips in the United States, two trips to the Caribbean, several trips to Europe, and two trips to Asia.  While furniture eventually breaks or goes out of style, those trips are great shared experiences that have really broadened our horizons and the memories will continue to give us much more joy than even a house full of new furniture ever would have.  We were very budget-conscious in planning those trips, but made conscious decisions to spend money on those things that would give us a good Quality Of Life Return On Investment.

When I started talking with fellow blogger “SaveIt” about the idea for a personal finance blog, it was important to me that we try to help people remember not only to save money with the best financial return possible, but that we also help people use their money for what we call Conscious Living — spending it wisely to both enjoy your life now and to still save for the future.

So, in addition to more routine personal finance articles that provide commentary on current personal finance news, I really hope that our focus on Conscious Living can help you find ways of spending it to achieve a great Quality Of Life Return On Investment.  Please visit our site often and/or consider subscribing to our RSS feed.

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