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3 May, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Personal Finance Articles

Welcome to Spending It, a personal finance blog with a different approach from the other personal finance blogs out there.  Sure, in the months and years to come you find lots of personal finance articles and coverage of the latest personal finance news.  However, we tend to view personal finance — and life — a bit differently from your average personal finance blogger.

In fact, you won’t find us giving out personal finance advice that tells you to live like a pauper for the next 30 or more years just so you can retire rich.  To us, that is about like telling you to drive no faster than 25 miles per hour on the interstate — it’s overly cautious advice, and overlooks the fact that life is just as much about enjoying the journey as it is reaching the destination.  Let’s be reasonable and save for retirement without forfeiting the first 65 years of our lives!

So, while you will still see some articles here about finding the best savings accounts and the best mortgages, we will also help you find ways to enjoy spending your money wisely — such as travel on a budget and how to negotiate new car prices.  In short, we will help you find both the best ways to save your money wisely and spend your money wisely, because what is the point of money if you can never enjoy it?

We should mention that another way that we will be different from other personal finance blogs is that there are two of us blogging here — under the pen names SaveIt and SpendIt.  We will provide point and counter-point on different topics, often playing devil’s advocate to more thoroughly discuss the ideas here and not leave any idea unchallenged.  Of course, we welcome your comments and ideas also, so please take a moment and give us your thoughts in the comment form below!

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