Jon & Kate Plus 8: Divorce, Money and Kids

27 May, 2009  |  Written by  |  under Personal Finance Articles

Last night I watched one of the saddest shows I have ever seen on television – the season premier of Jon & Kate Plus 8.  Many of you probably have seen the rumors of Jon and Kate’s marital problems.  Well, last night they were confirmed.jon-and-kate-family

Typically, these types of stories don’t phase me anymore.  But, Jon and Kate are normal people with 8 adorable children.

Over the last few months, there has been a hailstorm of rumors about Jon and Kate’s marriage being in trouble.  Well, last night’s episode confirmed that.  And, now there are 8 children who are caught up in very adult matters.

Despite being generally bothered by these family issues, another thing about this story really bothered me – Would Jon and Kate being filming this season if it were not for the money being paid by TLC?

Can you imagine the dilema that this family is facing.  With 8 kids, I am sure that they need the money that the TV show provides.  But, in order to get paid, they need to air their very private issues to the world.  I really wish that TLC made the decision not to air this season.  No family showed be put in this situation.  Considering their lack of privacy is problem one of the major causes of their marital problems, it can’t be good to go through this while being surrounded by the media and millions of eyes.

Divorces are one of the most devastating things that can occur in someone’s life.  Divorces combines issues of family, children and money all into one extremely tense situation.

What would you do if you were in Jon and Kate’s shoes?

If you didn’t see the season premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8, here is a video showing some highlights.

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