Is Being Frugal the Best Way to Spend Your Time?

8 Feb, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Personal Finance Articles

Every now and then a blog post comes along that you read and think “Exactly!”  That happened today when I read “Why Being Frugal Can Only Take You So Far on Your Path to Wealth” on one of our favorite blogs:

The article is excellent and really hits on a theme that is consistent with why we started this blog:  You can only get so far by being frugal, but you should make conscious decisions to spend your time and money in a manner that makes your life better — even if your wallet gets a little lighter.

One great quote from the article:

Instead of focusing all of your energies on clipping coupons or searching for the absolute best deal, why not channel that energy into starting a business or freelancing on the side? Why not spend time on something that has limitless earning potential?

Exactly!  I’m often guilty too of spending a ton of time to save a few dollars.  It’s important to step back every now and then and put things in perspective.  Time is a scarce resource, make sure you are Spending It wisely!

Be sure to read the rest of that article, as it is definitely worth the read!

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