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We’ve all heard it said that, often times, “you get what you pay for”.  To some extent, I tend to fight against that notion most of the time.   This is really for a couple of reasons: the first being that I’m a cheapskate, but the second being that these days there seems to be no end to the “up-sale” pressure from both sellers and society.>>> [Read More]

Every now and then a blog post comes along that you read and think “Exactly!”  That happened today when I read “Why Being Frugal Can Only Take You So Far on Your Path to Wealth” on one of our favorite blogs:  MyWifeQuitHerJob.com>>> [Read More]

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There’s an interesting discussion going on between a couple of blogs about ways that small businesses can spend money to cover their assets in case they get sued.  Essentially, a business can limit its exposure to liability in 2 main ways: (1) purchasing liability insurance; and (2) forming an LLC or corporation to try to limit personal liability of the business owners for actions or omissions of the business.>>> [Read More]

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While Spending It has an about page, SpendIt and I thought that we should each introduce ourselves.  Here is SpendIt’s Bio.  Now, after much procrastination, here is a little information about myself.>>> [Read More]

It has been a busy time behind the scenes for our bloggers here at Spending It — “SpendIt” and “SaveIt”.   Since our last Personal Finance Week in Review, we’ve gotten out the following posts:>>> [Read More]

Last night I watched one of the saddest shows I have ever seen on television – the season premier of Jon & Kate Plus 8.  Many of you probably have seen the rumors of Jon and Kate’s marital problems.  Well, last night they were confirmed.jon-and-kate-family>>> [Read More]

We here at Spending It are pleased to be guest hosting the 5th Edition of the Personal Finance News Carnival this week.  As you can see below, this edition of the Carnival has a nice variety of personal finance articles that were submitted from many different blogs with personal finance advice on the topics of: Credit and Debt, Education, Investing, Real Estate, and Saving.  Please feel free to share with others!>>> [Read More]

Well, the week has gone by pretty quickly here at Spending It — with “SaveIt” on his way to France and me, “SpendIt”, getting ready for a road trip.  Still, since our last Personal Finance Week in Review, I think we’ve gotten out some thought-provoking articles, such as:>>> [Read More]

A lot of personal finance articles these days can be summed up as follows: cut out everything nice or fun in your life to save money.  Here at Spending It we have a slightly different view.  Sure, if you have a $4 a weekday premium coffee habit, you can save hundreds of dollars by brewing your own coffee at home.  That kind of personal finance advice to save small amounts here and there seems to be everywhere these days, yet many people seem to overlook opportunities to save much more money than that.>>> [Read More]

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Did you ever think that you might die before you retire?  I don’t want to be morbid, but I think that it is something that I must at least acknowledge.  There is a chance that I might die before I retire.>>> [Read More]